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Donating & Thankyous

KANGABOY Funds Support When Possible:

World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
The Orangutan Project (TOP)
Animals Asia Foundation
Animals Australia
The Wilderness Society
Australian Conservation Foundation

Creative Artists / Illustrators
Anton Brand
Nelson Nokela

Models - Thankyou all these awesome humans for their talent, time and support to Kangaboy:
Dani Lugosi
Belinda Gavin
Angelica Attfors Lindkvist
Hannah Wakefield
Daniel Conn
Ryan Greasley
Dylan Ainsworth
Reon Butt
Josh O'Donnell
Daniel Sams
Damien Tutt
Mitch Winter
Dan Hartley
Jas Callo
Matt O'Reilly
Nick Mason